Tips To Learn More English Vocabulary Words

Tips To Learn More English Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary Program - Thu Jun 03, 2010 @ 07:14PM
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When learning English as a second language, adding as many new words to your vocabulary is essential. It is possible to learn more English words by doing some exercises and activities that can help you increase your vocabulary. For you to be able to study new words, you must get to understand its meaning, make time to practice saying them, and be able to use them in sentences and conversation. Here are some tips on how to learn more English words so you can get to improve your English communication:

1. Create English vocabulary lists. When you create a vocabulary list, you can make specific categories or themes like 'office' or 'clothing'. Add new words to your lists daily. Find out the meaning of the word with the use of a dictionary. Try to use the new words that you have on your list in a sentence and practice how to pronounce it properly.

2. Learn English words through pictures. If you're a visual learner, you may be able to increase your English vocabulary easily by associating each word with a picture. Cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers and start linking the image to the new word. This will increase your retention rate and make it easier to construct sentences in natural conversation.

3. Buy or create flashcards. You can buy or make your own vocabulary cards of common and not so common English words. Flashcards are another kind of visual aid that can help you memorize the words faster. When you practice English using flashcards, you will be able to read a word instantly and spell it correctly. Make sure to note down how to say each word on the card correctly so you will be able to use it as for your pronunciation practice.

4. Listen to the radio or watch TV in English. Choose to listen to English programs on the radio or watch TV shows that are in English so you can hear English conversations. You may not be able to understand all that is being said but you will be able to become familiar with the language, hear the words that you know, the way the speakers express themselves and discover more new words to add to your vocabulary list. By simply listening to English using this method, you will be able to hear actual conversations and get to become a better conversationalist.

5. Learn slang words and expressions. Not all words in the English language have literal meanings when used in day-to-day conversations. You may need to pick up a slang dictionary or learn about cultural norms and sayings with additional research. You can learn more English words by practicing expressions and sayings, thereby learning the contextual meaning of different words.

6. Play word games with English words. Playing word games can help you build your English vocabulary easily. It's a fun way to encounter new words and will give you a chance to use the English words in different situations or contexts. Simple word games such as Boggle, Scrabble or doing crossword puzzles are great for both beginning students learning English as a foreign language, and native speakers interested in increasing their vocabulary.

You can further build up your vocabulary by completing a series of English lessons. Taking the time and effort to study vocabulary training guides, adding on to your vocabulary list, and using the words you have learned will help you improve your English skills. Learning English as a second language can be sometimes fun, but if you really want to be excellent in English, you have to study and practice until you have achieved your goal.

Studies prove that individuals with mastery of the English vocabularymake more money and do better in school than those who do not. Today, you can improve your vocabulary faster and more effectively with the help of a vocabulary builder, which comes in the form of software and or audio vocabulary training.

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